About me

Posted on 23.12.2009 by Emil

My name is Emil (Cristian) Maran. This page is dedicate to my musical project named Maran Project and also to my php scripts. All my php scripts are free and open source. You can modify them according to your needs. All the scripts are working on php hosts , and data is stored into text files DB. So, you don't need mysql to run this scripts.

All my code is open source, so, is editable. Enjoy!


I start this project ideea from 1999. It's a hobby for me. I do this when i have free time. I usulay play and listen and also compose house / trance and garage dance style. I do my music in music tracker named MAD Tracker or Sk@le Tracker.

Both are very cool, multi channel, with effects. For Loop I use HammerHead Rhythm Station or MoonFish Drum Maker. I save song in xm format and after I convert them in WAV/MP3. I worked 4-5 years in Radio and I was listen a lot of music tracks.

Now, in 2008 I start to create the second album, named Tempo, to continue my music work. Now is very hard , because I have a daily full program consisting of work hours and school hours. My hobby time become tiny. I finished 5 songs until now, Traffic, Angels, In Space, Kiss the Rain and Ibiza Nights. I have composed hundred of patterns, more exactly near to 600 patterns created by me starting from 1999 to 2008. I've selected more than 100 to be finished but from Tempo album, I have 16 songs projects. All songs patterns are in XM files, 20-40 instruments, 32 channels. Skale Tracker v0.80 remain the best tracker for me and My first tracker was FastTracker v2.08 in 1998-2001.

My plans for the future are to produce also video clips for 50% of my songs. If you enjoy my music and you have suggestions about videos , ideas, don't hesitate to write me a letter - email and tell me your visions.

My Music Studio:

Is very simple, I have just one PC , AMD Sempron +2.3, 2G RAM, 80GB HDD, Soundcard C-MEDIA AC97, Music Software Free - Music Tracker - Skale v0.80, Samples in Wav , Xi format. That's it!

Record Labels:

Many years ago, more exactly...7-8 years ago I sent 2 times, some CD demos to Roton Record Company but I get no answer back. I try to collaborate with Bilutza Records but no hope too, they kill the project. I was thinking to produce this songs in some professional studio, but it cost to much. Also, I have no tits and sexy ass like many romanian girl singers, which have contracts with romanian records company :))). I produce all my songs at home, with my personal computer, and my music remain the biggest hobby for me.

From 2001 i start to use php. It's the best job and hobby next to my other hobby, music. It's like a game. Sometimes is a challenge.