Oracle Commander

Posted on 23.12.2009 by Emil

Based on the phpMyAdmin idea, Oracle Commander can easily manage most of the basic functions for DB Oracle administration. Is a free web app solution and can be used as alternative to oracle commercial softwares. The beta version has been created by Niels Hoffmann or ( and has following features implemented:

Original Freatures
* shows all tables of the Scheme
* tablestructure
* change and delete existing tablecolumns
* add new tablecolumns
* deleting and renaming of tables
* displaying tabledata (inclusive sorting)
* creating new or edit existing tabledata (exclusive LOBS and BFILES)
* partitial views on tabledata
* submit of SQL Statements
* handle user sequences
* backup and bestore complete tables

Download Link:

See Original Version:



New Freatures
* export sql dump code for (create table) and (inset into)
* drop table
* empty table
* run multiple command lines from (SQL) separated by semicolon

Removed Freatures
* removed button option backup and bestore complete tables from csv