Milky way meets Sarah is Out Now in the Web Wild...

Posted on 31.01.2010 by Emil | - Art Nr: 176

Just finished my last song few hours ago and Is already indexed by Google from website. Amazing, really fast indexing in these days. But, not everything goes ok from the start.

I had some troubles with Sound Forge Audio 9.0. In the mixing the software got freeze and I had to kill the process. In the past I use to play with Sound Forge 4.5 especially when I worked on radio. Now, for me remains the same as usabilty, I like DX Effects and even I had VST plugs option, I don't use VST.

The crazy thing was at the end, best quality sound comes from,, after uploading. The has again crap sound, bad compression and no maher what, they apply bad filters on audio track. and remain again the best choices when I need to upload a song on good quality.

I became more and more addicted to progresive trance and house after I discover and listen many songs on youtube from these genres. I pick now much carefully the instruments tones and I work on frequencess more now. If I have 10 ideas in one day, maybe two of these are selected as posible release song.

Where is this song uploaded:

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Where is this song uploaded:
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